Phase 2: Healthy at Work

Governor Beshear, during his 5:00 p.m. address, explained the Commonwealth’s Phase 2 plan for reopening the economy. The following dates represent target dates, all of which are contingent upon the evolution of COVID-19:

1. May 22, 2020:

• Restaurants will open a limited inside capacity (33%) and can offer unlimited outside capacity if proper spacing and social distancing guidelines are followed.

2. June 1, 2020:

• Movie Theaters; and
• Fitness Centers.

3. June 11, 2020:

• Reopen Campgrounds, both public and private.

4. June 15, 2020:

• A safe plan for childcare. Childcare centers will be highly monitored to ensure that children are in minimal contact with each other.
• Outdoor Youth Sports (no indoor sports).

All of the businesses that are allowed to open in Phase 2 still must follow and adhere to the following 10 rules: (1) Continue telework where possible; (2) Phased return to work; (3) Onsite temperature/health checks; (4) Universal masks and any other necessary PPE; (5) Close common areas; (6) Enforce social distancing; (7) Limit face-to-face meetings; (8) Sanitize/hand washing stations; (9) Special accommodations; and (10) Testing plan.

Governor Beshear reiterated that contact tracing rules and quarantine measures are still applicable during Phase 2. In other words, if you are a business that experiences a positive case of COVID-19 at your facility, several people at your business may be asked to quarantine for fourteen (14) days.

The Governor mentioned that Phase 3 will hopefully take place in July. Phase 3 will include the reopening of bars and allowing groups of at least 50 people to gather together.