Kentucky’s Relief Bill: The Economy and COVID-19

Senate Bill 150

In an attempt to combat the significant impact COVID-19 has had on the Commonwealth’s public health and economy, Kentucky lawmakers unanimously passed Senate Bill 150(BR-908) on March 26, 2020. The Bill was then sent to Governor Beshear’s desk, and it is now awaiting his final approval.

According to the text of SB 150, there are several ways in which the Bill is aimed at assuaging the economic impact that small businesses, and their employees, are currently facing. The following is a list of several of the relevant sections found in SB 150:

1. The Governor may direct any administrative body, during the current COVID-19 State of Emergency, to waive the collection of fees. These fees include, but are not limited to, licensing fees, renewal fees, and application fees.

2. The Governor may waive the seven-day waiting period that is typically required prior to becoming eligible for unemployment. Unemployment eligibility has also been expanded to include the self-insured and self-employed.

3. Kentucky’s tax deadline has been extended to July 15, 2020.

4. A health care provider who establishes a valid provider-patient relationship can conduct telehealth services under an even broader framework.

5. The General Assembly directed budgetary funds to support the KY COVID-19 Hotline.

6. The Governor has extended the deadline for responding to Open Records requests.

If this Bill is signed and approved by the Governor, the unanimous passing of the Bill through the House and the Senate will be a testament to Kentucky’s bipartisan attempt to defeat COVID-19. Recognizing that small businesses and their employees are experiencing financial difficulties, the Kentucky Legislature has passed SB 150 with the goal of lessening the economic blow that many small businesses are experiencing. If you are a small business owner, it is important to understand the possible implications SB 150 might have on your business.

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