Kentucky’s “Healthy at Work” Plan

Phase One

As Governor Beshear prepares to slowly reopen the economy, he has officially published and addressed the Commonwealth’s “phase-one” plan for reopening. Governor Beshear has set three specific dates for when he hopes certain businesses can reopen:

1. May 11, 2020:
• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Vehicle or Vessel Dealerships
• Professional Services (50%)
• Horse Racing (No Fans)
• Dog Grooming / Boarding

2. May 20, 2020:
• Retail
• Houses of Worship

3. May 25, 2020:
• 10 Person Social Gatherings
• Barbers, Salons, Cosmetology Businesses, and Similar Services.

This “phase-one” plan for reopening is contingent on whether the above-mentioned businesses can continue adhering to CDC guidelines. There are ten (10) rules that such businesses must follow upon reopening: (1) Continue telework where possible; (2) Phased return to work; (3) Onsite temperature/health checks; (4) Universal masks and any other necessary PPE; (5) Close common areas; (6) Enforce social distancing; (7) Limit face-to-face meetings; (8) Sanitize/hand washing stations; (9) Special accommodations; and (10) Testing plan.

Businesses should begin to consider how they can safely and effectively reopen while following the above-mentioned rules and procedures. Developing a business strategy/plan that complies with such requirements, as well as complying with other legal requirements, is important in getting your business back on track.

To see the complete “healthy at work” guidelines issued by the government, visit